Artfiles going to America

After working very successfully with our German customers and partners for the best part of the 21st century, we decided to bring the award winning Artfiles hosting platform to the US. Our mission is to serve our US customers the best web hosting experience. We partnered with Dell and the fine people at Scalematrix to provide our customers top tier hardware and a super reliable and secure data center environment.

The best of both Worlds

Hosting in the US or in Germany - you will always get the best Artfiles experience and most importantly: all and everything from one hand.
Harald Oltmanns, CEO
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So, what makes us special?

The Artfiles DCP


Be in Control

Configure all aspects of your hosting plan from e-mail to PHP settings. Customize your DCP experience through themes and various personalization features.


Use Powerful Tools

Use the DCP to be always up to date with what is going on at your sites. Check statistics, performance monitoring and logfiles at any time to ensure always the best user experience.


Communication is Key

Our support team is here to help you with all your questions around your hosting projects. Stay in contact through phone, e-mail or the DCP ticket system.

Artfiles Infrastructure - The Foundation of our Success


For our hosting plattform we exclusively use Dell Blade Servers with at least E5v4 Intel CPUs. Storage is provided by either local SSDs or Dell Equallogic storage arrays in a SAN configuration.
The Dell Blade infrastructure provides the highest resilence against hardware failures with multi-redundant fans, power supplies and fault tolerant ECC RAM.
The Equallogic storage arrays provide fault tolerant RAID6 volumes, a redundant controller configuration and an advanced monitoring and preemptive failure detection system.
Both Blade Servers and Equallogics are optimized for the highest performance and lowest latency.

Network and Datacenter

We operate our own network infrastructure and are member of both the European and North American network associations, RIPE and ARIN. As such we are able to provide both European and US IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity and addresses.
At Hamburg, Germany, Artfiles operates two datacenters with more than 200 cabinets combined. In San Diego we operate at the Scalematrix datacenter.
Due to our deep vertical integration strategy we can offer all relevant hosting services at both locations. Such as web hosting, virtual and physical servers, private cabinets and internet connectivity.

Keeping it Safe

What we do for your Security

While performance and reliability are the pillars of success in the hosting business, all is nothing without security.
Therefore we go a long way to ensure that your data is kept safe. Our datacenters are built and operated to the highest security standards and we design and built our systems for defense in depth.
We exclusively use Linux and our kernels are built with Grsec patches and hardened to the max on different levels. Our hosting servers separate public facing facilities from administration interfaces and of course we always keep our systems up the latest patch levels. All our systems run state of the art monitoring and intrusion detection software and for even more enhanced security we offer custom file level protection on a per-user basis.
Our network infrastructure is built to withstand DDoS and other saturation attacks and we take pride in the fact that we have not seen a single DDoS in the last 5 years to penetrate our protection.

So again: Why Artfiles?

Come for the speed, the versatility and the flexibility - stay for the exceptional personal service!
Your Artfiles Team
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