It's like your hardware server - but with more options.

Virtual servers are fully functional virtual root servers which you can operate with Linux, Windows and other operating systems. Your data will be saved on our redundant storage units by DELL. With a virtual server you pay only the server resources which you booked. Every resource is billed by the hour. You can operate up to 16 servers with up to 8 CPU's and 16 GB RAM on each server on your account. Of course you can secure your system with a firewall and there are a lot more upgrade options available. Just talk to us and tell us about your wishes.


Virtual Server

Artfiles Virtual Server

from $19.00 mo.

Your own server in the Artfiles Cloud!


Upgrade your plan with these enhancements.

CPU cores included

1 core

1 core / hour$0.05


2 GB

2 GB / hour$0.05


50 GB

10 GB / month$1.00


4 Terabyte

Monthly Fee


Setup Fee

$19.00 $0.00

Additional Bandwidth

$0.19 / GB

Pre-configured disk images Yes
Custom operating systems Yes
VNC Support Yes
Server administration tool Yes
Security Updates $29.00 mo.
E-Mail Package $9.90 mo.
Firewall $9.90 mo.
Free SSL certificate Yes
Ruby Yes
Perl Yes
mod_rewrite Support Yes
Mailing lists Yes
SPF Records Yes
E-Mail Server Alias Yes